Next month, on the 25th February, I will be giving a talk at UXPA UK (User Experience Professionals Association) in London as part of there ‘UX Challenges’ event. See below for my talk summary, bio and event information.
Designing for Dogs: How to design for users that don’t speak

Dog Computer Interaction (DCI) is a new area of research focusing on gaining dogs’ requirements to create valuable User Experiences (UX) using Interaction Design (IxD) principles informed by Human-Computer-Interaction (HCI); in summary, it asks how do we create machines that dogs can use intuitively?

Ilyena will talk about how her research in this field focuses on understanding and modelling the requirements of the dog in order to contribute new insights, techniques, and methods to enable the co-design of interactive products for animals.  She will focus on the transferability of methods to other animal and human users; both in terms of the methods created and the knowledge developed.

Speaker Bio:

Ilyena Hirskyj-Douglas is a Dog-Computer-Interaction PhD researcher at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston. Her background is in computer science and at the University she contributes undergraduate teaching as well as the management of the Campus-wide Postgraduate Society. Her research to date has innovated with a study using image recognition algorithms to track the way a dog looks at a screen, has studied how dogs’ gaze is diverted across multiple screens and has modelled the participation of dogs in Interaction Design activities. Beyond the University, Ilyena has been proactive in the International Animal Computer Interaction (ACI) community, running workshops, reviewing academic work and blogging widely to a diverse audience.  Recently she has developed workshops on measuring animal behaviour and on the design scope and building of machinery for animals.

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