ACI@BHCI & Face Tracking with Dogs!

Today I have been recording a lovely 10 month old black Labrador watching different TV programs (humans/animals/dogs) on different screens. The work continues along the same lines as my research into making a dog face tracker (Is My Dog Watching TV? Presented at NordiCHI’14) through careful evaluation, what do trackers really show us about a subject and seeing how much a face tracker can really be used by a dog.


Curtis with Computer Screens

This spurt of work is to start pulling some research ideas together for the call for the upcoming event in the Animal Computer Interaction (ACI) field at British Human Computer Interaction (BHCI) coined ACI@BHCI. BHCI will be held in Lincoln this year, with our workshop on the 13th of July. As usual there will be presentations from accepted papers and a lovely merging of ideas to foster potential collaborations and show current and potential future research topics. In order to try and open the net to include those who are attracted to the upcoming area of ACI, it has been decided to allow both CHI ACM Extended Abstract and a one paragraph expression of interest. This should help nurture new people within the community and bring fresh ideas into a currently, rather small arena.

With many arguments around what defined good and bad technology, especially at NordiCHI’14 when one ACI researcher claimed there cannot be bad technology, the workshop dialogue will be what constitutes ‘good’ design for non-human users of digital technology. While I have published at Advance Computer Entertainment’14 (ACE) on how to get to the centre of dog-computer design through correct requirement gathering; I have not seen a definitive list of good/bad technologies (although I am sure, like other researchers, we all hold our bias).

To submit either a paper or a paragraph you are welcome to email either myself ( or Charlotte ( who are the primary organisers by the 31st of May.

For those of you who cannot make it, you will be pleased to hear I am also going to write a blog summarizing the discussed work and the dialog to help open up the ACI field to those who are unable make it.

Lastly I would like to wish the best of luck to Michelle Westerlaken who has an interview tomorrow for a Post-Grad position within the ACI field. She is already an accomplished author within ACI, often within the cat-game field (you can read more at her website

Written by Ilyena Hirskyj-Douglas 11th May 2015.

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