ACI @ Measuring Behavior

This May in Dublin a symposia on Animal-Computer Interaction is taking place at the Measuring Behaviour conference. This conference has been organised by Anton Nijholt, Patricia Pons, Adrian Cheok and myself.

So what are the conference aims?

The aims of this Symposium are twofold. Firstly we want to introduce the topic animal-computer interaction in the Measuring Behavior community with the assumption that there can be fruitful interaction between these two communities. Secondly, we aim at contributions that address methodological questions. How to conduct user-centred design in animal-computer interaction or in computer-mediated human-animal interaction? Which methodologies from HCI can be adapted to ACI? Clearly, in this emerging field of research case studies can help to give answers to these questions and they are welcomed as well.

To give you an insight into the conference here are a quick glance of the accepted papers!

Detecting Animals’ Body Postures Using Depth-Based Tracking Systems 

By Pons, Patricia; Jaen, Javier; Catala, Alejandro
Animal-Human Digital Interface: Can Animals Collaborate with Artificial Presences? 

By Ohta, Naohisa; Nishino, Hiroki; Cheok, Adrian David
The Ethics of How to Work with Dogs in Animal Computer Interaction 

By Hirskyj-Douglas, Ilyena; C Read, Janet
Towards a Wearer-Centred Framework for Animal Biotelemetry 

By Paci, Patrizia; Mancini, Clara; Price, Blaine Alexander
Playful UX for Elephants 

By French, Fiona; Mancini, Clara and Sharp, Helen
Animal-Computer Interaction (ACI): A survey and some suggestions  

By van den Broek and Egon L.
Animal-Computer Interaction: Animal-Centred, Participatory, and Playful Design  

By Nijholt, Anton; Pons, Patricia; Hirskyj, Ilyena; Cheok, Adrian David

Interested or fancy attending? Registration is open here:


A bit about my accepted papers..

I am personally looking forward to this conference as it merges the field of computers with animal behaviour which is where ACI is situated. I have two papers accepted here, the first an introductory paper with the other organisers on ACI and measuring animal behaviour and the second on the ethics around ACI for dogs. The ethical paper on ACI was born from reading about Karens Bareds work on agentail realism  and Heli Vaataja’s paper at CHI’13 on the ethical issues and guidelines when doing HCI with animals. This paper summarises the implications of ethics whilst giving structuring my own views on ethics towards the ethics of how to, and how I, do research in ACI with dogs. I am hoping this paper leads to guidelines being spoken about to help shape not only my own work but future work in Dog-Computer-Interaction (DCI).


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